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  • Start Now
    The pain of regret is much worse than any other pain. do not look back and regret not doing something. Time appears  to slip by faster and faster every year. Read more
  • Immune Boosting Protocol
    The world in currently in a panic because of the recently discovered Coronavirus (COVID-19). When anybody comes into contact with a virus, bacteria or anything that has the potential to Read more
  • Winning or Learning
    Here is my take on health and life. When we play a game, take a test, try a new or different diet we either win or we learn. Either we Read more
  • Pain or Dysfunction
    Pain and dysfunction are not always in the same place and time. We can have pain in one area of the body, but the dysfunction and cause of the pain Read more
  • GTO Power is Real
    The results have been off the charts, way beyond what we expected. What started out as an idea to help patients recover quicker has become a pre-workout sensation. GTO has Read more
  • Nutrition and Healing
    The body can not heal very well if our blood sugar levels are too high. Increased blood sugar levels less to poor wound healing. Sugar in body is know as Read more
  • Mobility of the Spine
    When we feel 'stiffness' in the back or neck what we are actually feeling are the spinal muscles not being used. IF the postural muscles are not being actively contracted Read more
  • GTO Power
    Over the course of my 18 year career as a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist my philosophy hs been simple. There is a nutritional/natural fix for almost every health related problem Read more
  • Happy New Year!
    Happy new year everyone! We, at Victory Chiropractic, are excited about the new year and all the changes that are taking place in the office. This new website has been Read more
  • The Intended Lifestyle
    Last night (1/11/11) I started another 6-week Intended Lifestyle class at White's Chapel United Methodist Church.  I was blown away by the energy and feedback from the participants. There are Read more
  • Continuing Education
    This weekend I will be continuing my post graduate education at a nutritional seminar. This weekend I will be studying how to use natural alternative strategies for many of the Read more
  • Nutrition
    Proper nutrition may be the missing link in your road to recovery.  Most of us are saturated with false information about what is and what is not healthy. If you Read more
  • Your Health Account
    Think of your health like a bank account. You are allowed to make withdrawals and deposits into your "Health Account" all throughout your life. Now picture every healthy thing you Read more
  • Creative Marketing is Killing You
    Did you realize that companies are marketing junk food to sound and look like healthy foods? Many foods will advertise that they contain fruits like blueberries or strawberries, but in Read more
  • Structure Affects Function
    Your spinal structure affects the overall structure and function of your body. Any joint that is not moving properly is a dysfunctional joint. A dysfunctional joint will lead to joint Read more
  • Sit Down, Stand Up
    Heading to the office today? Most Americans are, and when they do, they plunk down at a desk and sit for long periods of time. Combine that with long commutes Read more