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  • Nutrition and Healing
    The body can not heal very well if our blood sugar levels are too high. Increased blood sugar levels less to poor wound healing. Sugar in body is know as Read more
  • Mobility of the Spine
    When we feel 'stiffness' in the back or neck what we are actually feeling are the spinal muscles not being used. IF the postural muscles are not being actively contracted Read more
  • GTO Power
    Over the course of my 18 year career as a chiropractor and clinical nutritionist my philosophy hs been simple. There is a nutritional/natural fix for almost every health related problem Read more
  • 'Doctored' Explains Why Chiropractic is Superior to Medicine
    By Gary Goldstein September 26, 2012, 4:25 p.m. Read more
  • The Acid Erasers
    Another popular class of drug, generating more than $13 billion a year in the United States alone, is the proton pump inhibitor (PPI). These drugs reduce between 90 and 100 Read more
  • Haulting Hypertension
    Criticisms have emerged regarding the conventional treatment of high blood pressure, the measurement indicating how hard circulating blood pushes against arterial walls. Pressure may rise and fall throughout the course Read more
  • Natural Cholesterol Lowering Methods
    As a follow up to yesterdays discussion about why cholesterol medication is not good for you, here are some ways to naturally lower your cholesterol.   If the nation’s Read more
  • The Cholesterol Catastrophe
    By Megan  The rise in widespread use of statins coincided with lifestyle changes in post–World War II America. As the population gradually migrated to car-friendly suburbs and became increasingly Read more
  • The Dangers of Some of the Biggest Prescription Meds
    By Pamela Weintraub, Experience Life True story: He had been a faculty member in three departments of a major university with an IQ north of 180. Over time, Read more
  • Testosterone and Your Head(s)...
    Researchers have long known that there is a connection between testosterone and depression. Men in the lowest 20% of free testosterone, after controlling for other common factors, were found to have Read more
  • The Delicate Balance of Testosterone
    Testosterone is commonly thought of as a male sex hormone, but it is actually found in both men in women. Testosterone affects many aspects of male health. Some men turn Read more
  • A Lesson On Life
    When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the glass jar and the 2 cups of coffee.A Read more
  • Foods That Boost Men's Health
    Last week we talked about men and women differ regarding health. This week we follow up on that with foods that improve men's health and different supplements that can support Read more
  • Differentiating the Men
    Men are different from women in all kinds of ways -- including their nutritional needs. Just as womenneed particular nutrients during pregnancy or for protection from breast cancer, men need Read more
  • Let Your Immune System Do Its Job
    Most people are told that a fever, mucous, or a cough should be suppressed. It is especially difficult for parents to watch their children be uncomfortable when they can give Read more
  • Sit Down, Stand Up
    Heading to the office today? Most Americans are, and when they do, they plunk down at a desk and sit for long periods of time. Combine that with long commutes Read more